Promerit Solutions provides client-tailored credit restoration services. As your legal advocate, Promerit creates credit investigations to ensure your rights to accurate, verifiable credit reporting.

Promerit’s professionals employ years of experience in the credit industry as we investigate and work to eliminate erroneous, negative credit items from your credit report. Meanwhile, we educate you about how to amplify your positive credit accounts. This two-sided attack is personally designed to improve your credit score efficiently, and quickly elevate your financial possibilities!

Did you know?

  • A 20 point increase in credit will save the average homebuyer over $100 per month in mortgage interest expenses.
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  • Over three fourths of Americans have some sort of detrimental error on their credit reports that decreases their scores by at least 15 points.
  • You have countless different credit scores.
  • Consumer credit “consultants” that promise to consolidate your debt actually hurt your credit score.
  • Your credit has nothing to do with your income.